Japanese television broadcasts program on National Revival Day of Azerbaijan

Japanese “World Investors TV” internet television has broadcast a program on National Revival Day of Azerbaijan.

The program featured chairman of the Foreign Students Organization Alibay Mammadov as a guest who highlighted Azerbaijan`s state independence, as well as National Revival Day, AzerTag reports. He also spoke about the large works carried out in the field of establishment of state under leadership of national leader Heydar Aliyev. “This policy was successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev.” He said. Alibay Mammadov highlighted economy of Azerbaijan, as well as dynamical development of the relevant field over the last years. He also spoke about the reports of the international organizations and the World Bank, which applauded the economic reforms and the current business environment in Azerbaijan. The expert underlined the role of Azerbaijan in ensuring the energy security of Europe.

On business opportunities, Alibay Mammadov provided an insight into progress achieved by the country in the relevant field over the last years. “Reforms in overall fields, facilitated procedures for foreign investors played an important role in development of entrepreneurship. Establishing business relations contributed to development of friendly relations between the two countries. Azerbaijan is crossroad between Asia and Europe,” he said.


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Ishida Kazuyasu and Alibay Mammadov






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