HUISA last meeting for this academic year (2014)

HUISA (Hokkaido University International Student Association) Executive Committee. Last meeting for this academic year. Many thank to ex-members and new guys for their valuable suggestions and ideas. Now i am very confident that we ll easily solve our problems. Hokudaisai is coming. We have to be ready. And i call all International Students of Hokkaido University to collaborate with us and make hokudaisai better this year.

International Students from Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Taiwan, Jamaica and Azerbaijan after discussing main problems of IFF (International Food Festival) for 2015.
Devon Dublin (ex-member of HUISA) giving us very valuable comments for hokudaisai rules.
Devon Dublin (ex-member of HUISA from Jamaica) giving us very valuable comments for hokudaisai rules.


HUISA’s active member from Egypt (Mohammed Amen) come with his son.
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